For refunds from Liberty Data Center (LDC) contact the business owner, Maurice McClain. His personal cell phone number is:

(708) 205-9084

All refunds must be directed toward the business owner, Maurice McClain.


Liberty Data Center (LDC) specializes in door to door sales of quality magazines and books, across the United States. LDC is backed by industry veterans who guide eager young business professionals to success.

LDC operates through these well-trained independent contractors, who travel the nation selling the best publications through impeccable customer service. Each independent contractor is building their own business, and making a name for themselves.

By placing an order through LDC, you’re not only getting what you want, you’re also helping a young adult reach their business goals.



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"I wanted to travel and make money at the same time. Liberty was perfect for me!"

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"Reading with my daughter has been my favorite part of my day. LDC delivers the book she loves, and I’m happy to enjoy them with her."